This service provides a multitude of printing methods with different outcomes at high quality, all produced in the UK for fast turnarounds and reliable customer service from the Kosmic Shush team.We pride ourselves in giving choice as each market is different however what we provide below is sure to be applicable to all industries and personal use, as quantities start from very low as 1 peice to higher amounts all dependent on which method of course suits you.All the printing methods below are used in our off shore factories also but as we understand demands are different for each and may not want to produce a high quanity batch of a bespoke garment, but would rather a one off t-shirt for a party or small quantites to kick start a new clothing brand making it perfect for samples also great for events and promtional needs in which a reliable fast and easy method such as our garment printing service shall fulfil accordingly.


Screen Printing

Best quality print, price increases as number of colours in design increases,Durable won’t fade in the wash ,Ideal for large designs – can print up to A3 size,Uneconomical if small quantity required due to screen set up costs


Looks professional and creates impression of quality ,Very durable, will normally outlast any garment onto which it’s applied ,Full colour at no extra cost ,Expensive especially for large designs ,

 Direct to Garment

Perfect for small volume jobs, Durable & long lasting but will wear quicker than screen printing,Great for multicoloured designs, Ideal for text and solid one colour prints ,More expensive than transfer printing, uneconomical for large quantities with big print

Transfer Printing

Most cost effective for full colour prints,Not as durable as other printing methods ,Ideal for photo sand images ,Allows for shadows & shading